Superior Service and Massage at Competitive Prices

Artistic Handz believes that massage therapies should be available to the entire community. We price our in-studio therapies competitively so everyone has the opportunity to experience and enjoy the ongoing physical and mental health benefits.

  • 1-Hour Massage — $55.00
  • 90-Minute Massage — $70.00
  • 1-Hour Reflexology — $55.00
  • 1-Hour Pregnancy Massage — $55.00
  • 40-Minute Massage — $45.00
  • Head & Neck Massage — $30.00
  • 90-Minute Thai Massage — $70.00
  • Relaxation Facial — $25.00

Artistic Handz also offers custom on-site table massages. Employees, civic groups, charities and more can enjoy a fully clothed massage on a 6-foot massage table as part of your wellness programs and events. These massages can last 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of event. Call 402-850-6256 or email Dawn Peterson for more information.





Pregnancy Massage


Thai Massage


Natural & Gentle Therapy